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Self Defense Classes Apopka, Clermont and Orlando, Florida

Welcome to the Self Defense Classes page. We have been proudly serving the Apopka, Clermont, Ocoee and Orlando, Florida area since 1984. This blog is to inform our neighbors, friends and families about the many programs available at the American Dragon Martial Arts Academies. You can have fun, get fit and make new friends all while learning self defense. Children improve focus and grades while getting fit. Adults increase confidence, fitness and flexibility. Not to mention the great increased energy levels that you will experience from getting in the best shape of your life.

Click on the video above or here to listen to a special offer from Richard Hackworth

We also have locations serving Apopka, Clermont, Ocoee, Orlando, Winter Garden and Winter Park, Florida. If you are looking for children’s Taekwondo or Korean Karate class or Adult Self Defense classes in the Orlando, Florida area then you have found the right place. Our famous “Bully Buster” Program for children teaches even the youngest kids how to deal with school yard bullies so that they don’t have to live in fear. Call one of the instructors listed below today and ask about our new student specials!

  • Apopka Ph: 321-443-8077
  • Clermont, FL Ph: 321-443-8077
  • Ocoee, FL Ph: 352-638-8143
  • Orlando (East) FL Ph: 407-923-5269
  • Orlando West (Metro West) FL 321-443-8077

We will also be posting helpful tips and information about self defense from the instructional staff of our academy. We will begin with a series of articles by Amazon best selling author, Dr. R.W. Stone who is also a certified master instructor of the self defense martial art of Hapkido. Dr. Stone is also a columnist for World Martial Arts Magazine, a co-host of the World Martial Arts Radio Show and has been featured on the World Martial Arts TV Show.

Dr. Stone is the owner of the Veterinary Trauma Center in Groveland, Florida.

self defense schools winter garden instructors

Our staff at the World Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame where Andrea Stone was awarded the “Female Role Model of the Year” Award

Our martial arts self defense program is a registered 501 c-3 Non-profit charitable organization that benefits victims of domestic violence and child abuse. Your class tuition is 100% tax deductible. We are the only martial arts school in the area that meets the government’s strict requirements for this special distinction. For more information please feel free to visit our Self Defense Classes in Clermont, Ocoee and Orlando, Florida website.

You may also call the instructors direct at the following locations and telephone numbers to schedule your special visit and register for a FREE week of classes.

Click on video above or HERE to watch an important message

    • Apopka Ph: 321-443-8077
    • Clermont, FL Ph: 321-443-8077
    • Ocoee, FL Ph: 352-638-8143
    • Orlando (East) FL Ph: 407-923-5269
    • Orlando West (Metro West) FL 321-443-8077

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Real martial arts training isn’t about beating people up for the Gold and Glory of tournament championships. It is about becoming the best YOU, that you can be. Visit any of our locations to find out how you can enjoy the benefits of total mind, body and spirit training.

Take self defense martial arts classes at the best Taekwondo and Hapkido school in Apopka, Clermont and Orlando, Florida!

Who We Are: We are the area’s #1 Martial Arts School teaching Taekwondo & Hapkido self defense classes to children and families from the Apopka, Clermont and Orlando, Florida area .

taekwondo kick clermont florida
Taekwondo Kick

Our Other Unique Programs Include:

  • Taekwondo for children and families
  • Adult Self Defense Hapkido
  • After School Taekwondo & Summer Camp
  • Martial Arts Summer Fun Camp
  • Fitness Kickboxing & “The Ring Girl Workout” No Contact Classes for Women
  • “The White Collar Workout” No Contact MMA for Men

Company Overview: We are the only school in the area that is authorized to test and officially promote people to the rank of Black Belt certified by the World Headquarters in Korea. All other schools issue “school” rank which is worthless beyond their front door.

Mission Statement: The Mission of the American Dragon Martial Arts Academies is to unify local martial artists with a foundation of mutual respect for all styles or systems of Korean martial arts and to provide services and guidance to foster Technical Excellence, Fellowship and Human Character Development. The American Dragon Martial Arts Academies school are responsible for the selection and management of the Teams participating in the official Florida State Taekwondo Championships hosted by the US National Taekwondo Association annually and the official team tour of Korea every three years.

Vision Statement: The American Dragon Martial Arts Academies is a world-class organization comprised of highly skilled and dedicated martial arts teachers rich in tradition of excellence. We will provide our members unparalleled opportunities for personal growth, development and pride. We will always strive to exceed the expectations of our members, the US National Taekwondo Association and the Martial Arts Community.

Click on the video above or here to see one of our Master Instructors in action.

Our locations are open Monday through Fridays 4 to 7 PM.

Values Statement: The American Dragon Martial Arts Academies schools in Clermont, Orlando, Winter Garden and Sunrise, Florida are committed to effective communication and continuous improvement to foster technical excellence, an environment of trust and teamwork which promotes personal and organizational growth and achievement of clearly prioritized goals.

taekwondo school magazine
Get a FREE online subscription to World Martial Arts Magazine

Our famous Taekwondo and Hapkido school in Clermont, Florida is part of a world wide organization with our very own martial arts magazine, radio show and television show. You will often see your instructors and students from our school in Clermont, Florida featured in this international publication. The instructors and staff invite you to join us in our mission and offer you a free gift online subscription to World Martial Arts Magaine. We are clearly the leaders in martial arts education and training in Clermont, Ocoee and Orlando Florida. Don’t Settle for Less!!

Clermont taekwondo school radio show
Hear us live on the “World Martial Arts Radio Show”

Be sure to listen to our World Martial Arts Radio Show where our instructors share training tips, workout advice and history lessons live each month.

This monthly radio show is sponsored by World Martial Arts Media. Students can have an opportunity to appear on the radio show in interviews after seminars and tournament competition. Come join the fun at Clermont’s most popular martial arts school.

We have hosted the radio show since 1998. We were asked to do the radio show after 4 of our instructors were inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

martial arts tv show clermont
Join our school for a chance to be on the World Martial Arts TV Show

LIGHTS! CAMERAS! ACTION! Who wants to be FAMOUS? Our masters and students get to appear on the  “World Martial Arts TV Show”. Imagine how your friends and family will feel when they are able to watch you on TV!  If you have ever desired to be on TV or in action movies then we are the school for you. Several of our instructors and students have appeared in the movie “Born to Compete” and the martial arts documentary “The Warrior’s Quest”.

“You have a right to protect yourself. Self preservation is the first law of nature.” Grand Master Richard Hackworth

On a more serious note, we take great pride in our self defense programs. Our Women’s Self Defense Course is considered the best in the country. Here is what one of our recent self defense course graduates had to say.

Click on video above or HERE to view.

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Call one of the instructors listed below today and ask about our new student specials!

  • Apopka Ph: 321-443-8077
  • Clermont, FL Ph: 321-443-8077
  • Ocoee, FL Ph: 352-638-8143
  • Orlando (East) FL Ph: 407-923-5269
  • Orlando West (Metro West) FL 321-443-8077

12 Responses to Self Defense Classes

  1. Ethan Dickerson says:

    Jacob has been in therapy for years for anger issues and social anxiety disorder. The 6 months of Taekwondo classes have done more for his self esteem and self confidence than all the therapy has done. He is no longer dependant on medication to keep his anger in check. Just thought you should know that I think you are doing a wonderful job!

  2. Joel Barnhart says:

    Amy was so shy and timid now she is confident. I was surprised when our family doctor recommended your school as a way to build her confidence and get her in shape but I am so glad that she did! Taekwondo class at the American Dragon Martial Arts Academies has really changed our little girl for the better.

  3. Lenny Kaling says:

    I was worried that Michael may be too young for class but he loves your summer camp progam and wakes me up early every morning to make sure that I am taking him to camp. Even on the weekends. LOL!

  4. Stephen Meloy says:

    The Taekwondo and Hapkido training is world class. I really enjoy the times that I get to workout here. I recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their life through martial arts training.

  5. Patton Brown says:

    I can’t say enough about the quality of training that I saw at the American Dragon Martial Arts Academies in Winter Garden, Florida. Our son really loves the classes.

  6. Jim Murray says:

    I can see why they are one of the top Taekwondo and Hapkido schools in the USA. I visited most of the schools in the area and this one was the best by far.

  7. Jeremy Lilly says:

    I had a chance to work directly with Grand Master Richard Hackworth during filming of the movie “Born To Compete”. He is one of the most knowledgeable Taekwondo and Hapkido teachers I have ever seen. Anyone taking his classes is bound to benefit immensely from it.

  8. Suze Green says:

    Javier seems to be really enjoying your classes! We were afraid with his short attention span, accompanied by his ADHD that he would have lost interest or have been thrown out by now. That’s certainly not the case! We are taking such pride in his accomplishments. We will continue to be your biggest fans!

  9. Bill McNally says:

    I like learning Hapkido at American Dragon Martial Arts Academies because it is a lot of fun and it helps me with my other sports too. My golf game has improved and I feel 15 years younger.

  10. Jack Hill says:

    I soon realized that the time had come to help my young daughter learn how to protect herself. Obviously I wanted her to receive the very best self defense and fitness instruction available. I found it at the American Dragon Martial Arts Academies.

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